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Соглашусь с тем,что никудышная еда,которая ВООБЩЕ не похожа на турецкую не стоит таких больших денег,официанток похоже ... read more

#2,391 rating: 2/5

Дешевенький інтер'єр - всі стіни обклеєні шпалерами,на столах старі сіро-бежеві скатертини, сервіс нікудишній, їжа та... read more

#2,386 rating: 3/5

This is really the worst Turkish place I've visited in Ukraine. High prices, low service, wild personal, bad food.

#2,091 rating: 2/5

Horrible bar! Owner no help, food terrible! Do not enter this bar! So many nice bars in Lviv and this isn't one of them

#2,081 rating: 1/5

This is a Bar with downright amazing food at very reasonable prices. The grilled octopus is the best I've ever had and the shrimp was cooked perfectly. We were there for lunch, so we didn't have any of their d... read more

#1,116 rating: 5/5

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